Thoughts on readings/lectures

Due to my short week, I’m only able to get a few thoughts in here. But I was able to tackle most of the readings, being inspired by some and being utterly confused by others…I’m looking at you, Kenneth Frampton.

-In the reading I did about technology in architecture, I was interested in the statements that looked at technology with a reverent fear. Most architects and theorists found the relationship between the two positive. I would agree that while overall it IS positive, I have been finding through my own work and by hearing other discussions that it can disrupt the design as a whole.  Toshiko Mori agrees—he states that software solves problems too easily and doesn’t leave room for creative thinking. This made me think a lot about my work process and how much design I’m stifling by being constrained to certain software.

-As for ‘Studies in Tectonic Culture’, it was a tough read and hard to deceiver what the artist was saying. What I feel I got out of it, whether this was the point or not, was that tectonics involves how things are connected together. From small connections between structure to how the building itself functions as a compilation of materials.

-It is also important to note that almost all the writers believed that architecture should be a snapshot of what the culture values and believes at the moment. In the paper on ‘Futurist Architecture’, it is stated that architecture should be a direct and faithful projection of ourselves, and that it is an insult to bring anachronistic ornaments from the past to paste on our present architecture. Those items reflected the culture and needs of the time they were built, but they don’t translate into modern culture. Architecture should walk a fine line between utilitarianism and art.

-I also was interested in Mies van der Rohe’s believes on how different parts of the building should define other parts. “A living inside has a living outside”. All too often in my designs I find myself concentrating on the floor plan and elevation as two different beasts…I need to start allowing the two to influence each other more.


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